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Open Educational Resources (OER)

A guide for faculty to find OER & no-cost materials

MOSAIC Fall 2022


Mesa's Open Shared Accessible Inclusive Content
Fall 2022 (Sept 12- Nov 4)
Compensation Available
.25 to 1.0 ESU available depending on the project. .25 and .50 projects typically involve building modules/units, or revising/writing open chapter. 1.0 ESUs typically are reserved for complete course redesign.
Our goal is to support you in completing your open project with content  that is open, shared, accessible, and inclusive. 


How is MOSAIC 2.0 different than MOSAIC? MOSAIC 2.0 is driven by your open project rather than working on designing an entire open course. MOSAIC 2.0 will NOT have modules on course design or milestones. This program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of your project.

Can I complete MOSAIC 2.0 if I already completed MOSAIC?   Yes. MOSAIC 2.0 is designed to provide support for faculty who would like to develop additional open units/modules, write an open chapter, or have an open project. 

What types of projects can I complete in MOSAIC 2.0? Almost anything which supports moving to no-cost or low-cost course materials! Need to change to open images? Want to write a chapter that isn't covered in your existing materials? Ready to test the waters with one open module? We are here to support you whether you want to get started with a creating an OER module or you want to start writing an open textbook.


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