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Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Classes & Degrees

Explore this guide to learn how to search for ZTC classes and what degree options are available,

What is ZTC?

When a class is labeled as ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) that means any required textbook can be accessed online for free, or that there isn't a required textbook assigned for the class. Students will not be required to purchase a textbook for the class.

The college is required by the State to label all ZTC sections in the class schedule (SB 1359).

ZTC Degrees

Zero Textbook Cost Degree Pathways

Students can now complete general education, certificates, and entire degrees by enrolling in ZTC classes! 

  • Communication Studies AA & AA Transfer
  • Creative Writing CA
  • Dance AA & Choreography CA, Commercial Dance CA
  • English AA & AA Transfer
  • Fine Art: Art History AA & AA Transfer
  • Geography AA
  • Mathematics AA & AS Transfer
  • Applied Mathematics AA 

Please be aware there might be other fees associated with courses, e.g., calculator, safety goggles, etc.

Low Cost Degree Pathways

Textbook and materials cost under $40 per course.

  • Japanese AA

Faculty Resources

Faculty, are you interested in teaching a ZTC course, or reducing materials cost by adopting Open Educational Resources (OER)? Learn more.

laptop with zero textbook cost icon on screen

Textbook Affordability -  ZTC @ Mesa

Want to take classes that have FREE textbooks? *

ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) classes are easy to identify in the class schedule - just look for this icon next to the course section: Dollar sign with a line crossing it out

Step 1: Go to the Class Schedule

Step 2: Use the "Advanced Filters" for "Zero Textbook Costs" select "Yes."

SDCCD Class Schedule Advanced Filters ZTC

Step 2:

All of your results should have the ZTC symbol below. Choose the course(s) you need!

SDCCD ZTC class schedule symbol

 Search for ZTC classes here

*ZTC classes typically use no-cost digital textbooks, online resources, and homework systems. Occasionally, ZTC classes may have required materials (calculators, lab supplies) that are not free.

** In some instances ZTC sections are not marked. To identify those courses select "Class Details" and look for "No Textbooks."

SDCCD Class Schedule details No Books