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Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Classes & Degrees

Explore this guide to learn how to search for ZTC classes and what degree options are available,

laptop with zero textbook cost icon on screen

Textbook Affordability -  ZTC @ Mesa

Want to take classes that have FREE textbooks? *

ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) classes are easy to identify in the class schedule - just look for this icon next to the course section: Dollar sign with a line crossing it out

Step 1: Go to the Class Schedule

Step 2: Use the "Advanced Filters" for "Zero Textbook Costs" select "Yes."

SDCCD Class Schedule Advanced Filters ZTC

Step 2:

All of your results should have the ZTC symbol below. Choose the course(s) you need!

SDCCD ZTC class schedule symbol

 Search for ZTC classes here

*ZTC classes typically use no-cost digital textbooks, online resources, and homework systems. Occasionally, ZTC classes may have required materials (calculators, lab supplies) that are not free.

** In some instances ZTC sections are not marked. To identify those courses select "Class Details" and look for "No Textbooks."

SDCCD Class Schedule details No Books