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Art Research Guide


Self Portrait panting of Judith LeysterArt Research

This guide will help you with your art research by providing search strategies and pointing you to resources like books, eBooks, articles, media, local museums and galleries, and citation help for your assignment.
Self-portrait (1630) by Judith Leyster

entrance to Mesa College LibraryResearch Resources

The Mesa College Library provides access to an extensive collection of print and online books and journals.

The Library's book collection includes over 100,000 print books, over 30,000 online books, and over 17,000 print and online magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers.


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Mesa College librarians are available to help you with your research in-person, by telephone, or by email during regular business hours. Reference help is also available 24 hours a day from a network of professional librarians by selecting the "Live Chat" option