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Need journal articles for your research projects?

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When you need to find articles for college and career research projects, be sure to take advantage of quality article databases.  With databases, you can search thousands of publications all at once, and then efficiently focus your search by topic, date, full text availability, and resource type (e.g., scholarly journals -versus- magazines).

Current Mesa students and staff have 24/7 online access (both on and off-campus) to the databases highlighted in this guide.  Just enter your college ID# and last name when prompted.

Which database should I start with?

Series of doors.  Which door should you open first?

As you explore the Library's article database menus, you will see that our offerings include both multi-subject databases (covering all subjects) and specialized subject databases (focusing on one or several related disciplines). 

Because Black Studies is an interdisciplinary field (connecting art, history, literature, music, oral communications, political science, psychology, sociology, etc.), the best database to begin with might be different for different projects—depending upon the subject scope and needs of your assignment. 

Also, don't necessarily limit yourself to just one database.  Searching a variety can sometimes be the best strategy for more comprehensive research requirements.

Have questions?  Want help devising a search strategy for success?  Connect with  the Mesa reference librarian team. We are here to help you.

Find Articles by Searching Databases

Database options to choose from:

The wide selection of databases available to you compliments the interdisciplinary nature of Black Studies research—where you will explore art, history, literature, political science, psychology, sociology, and more.  Note that the focus here is on ARTICLE DATABASES, but some of the titles highlighted below include additional content in book format.

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Multi-subject favorites to start with:

More specialized database selections to explore:

All databases (By TITLE):


Assorted tutorials for more info and tips on database searching

Video Tutorials:

For additional research tips and "how to" resources, see also: