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Native American Heritage Month Library Guide

This guide brings awareness to celebrate, and recognize the many contributions made by Native people in the United States—Alaska Natives, American Indians, and Native Hawaiians—along with other Indigenous peoples in our country from across the globe.




Image Credit: Native American Heritage

National Native American Heritage Month celebrates the culture, contributions, and heritage of Native Americans. For many years, Native Americans and others proposed that a special day be set aside to honor Native Americans. The efforts to establish a day of recognition have resulted in a month being designated for the purpose. The month of November was set aside to rejoice in diverse and rich cultures, histories, and traditions and to appreciate the great contributions of the Native Americans. This month allows us to spread awareness about tribes or to educate people about the various challenges faced by the Native Americans in the past and today.  We are encouraged to not only learn more of proud and often painful history but to embrace and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of this cultural group of Americans. Throughout this month and beyond, we commit to supporting the remaining Native American tribes and letting the world know about their sacrifices. This guide is a work in progress and we will be happy to get your valuable feedback for this guide.


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