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Chicana/o Studies Research Guide


Welcome to Your Guide!

This guide has been created for you to help with your Chicana/o Studies research and assist in the process of learning what is available at San Diego Mesa College and beyond. The tabs on the left of this guide will lead you through the resources that have been compiled for you. 

 Photo by César López Ph.D.

The Chicana and Chicano Studies Department of San Diego Mesa College

                                                                                                                     The Department of Chicana/o Studies at San Diego Mesa College was founded in 1970 through the combined efforts of campus faculty, students and community support. The department provides students with an introduction to the interdisciplinary research tools necessary to advance knowledge in the field, provide academic leadership, and serve community needs with academic resources. We believe in supporting education that advances social change through critical awareness and a commitment to equity.

Why Choose an AA Degree in Chicana/o Studies?

• The Chicana/o Studies curriculum is designed to meet general education requirements for all students, as well as transfer in this field of study to four-year colleges and universities.

• Chicana/o Studies is uniquely situated to prepare students for the changing demographics, and the political and social/political realities in the state of California and the nation.

• Chicana/o Studies is a dynamic and innovative program that emphasizes an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to understanding the historical experiences and contemporary social realities of Chicana/o as the largest segment of the Latina/o population in the United States.

• Critical thinking and effective oral and written communication skills are integrated across a curriculum that incorporates the arts and literature, gender studies, border studies, cultural studies, history, the social sciences, and policy studies.

Career Opportunities:

Chicana/o Studies provides significant preparation for students pursuing careers in education, law, business, medicine, the arts, social work, public administration, healthcare, public policy, community organizing, social justice policy and scholarly research.

For more information  

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