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Health Information Management Research Guide

Tips for Finding Health Statistics


Student viewing statistica data on computer screen.


Below are links to two health statistics tutorials, along with several Internet search tips:


Statistics Search Tips:
  • When searching the web, you can limit your retrieval to government agencies by using this technique in Google:
    • ENTER: [search terms] site: gov
    • EXAMPLE: diabetes statistics site: gov
  • Keep in mind that the most current data available might sometimes be a year or two behind (given time requirements for completing survey/research/compilation work and delays in releasing the data to the public).
  • Evaluate carefully the source of the statistics. Stay on the lookout for bias.


Data Visualization Examples

Below are sample data visualization charts from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics Data Visualization Gallery.  As these examples illustrate, sometimes the easiest way to tell a data story can be with visual images, charts, and graphs.

CDC US Death Rate and Life Expectancy Data Visualization: 1900-2013

CDC U.S. Drug Poisoning Death Rate Data Visualization: 2014 (by County)
For more health-related data visualization examples, see also:

TEDTalk: Improving Health with Data

The Executive Director of Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Systems Innovation - CHSI (Dr. William Paiva)  delivers a TED Talk presentation on the topic: Improving Health with Data